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What is Chip Timing?

Chip Timing is an electronic way to time your race. Athletes wear a small chip that records their time as they cross designated timing mats throughout the race and at the finish line. This information is fed into our race software so that we can produce accurate and lightning fast results.

What are the advantages of chip timing?

There are many advantages to using chip timing at a race. Among them include:

Accuracy. Very little room for human error.  

Less manual work. Since the race is timed electronically, there is far less work to be done by hand. You do not need to provide a finish line staff to mark the finish time of each participant, collect bib numbers, keep people in order down a chute, etc. 

Speed of results. The results of races with multiple split points can be tabulated while the race is in progress. Your athletes will not be kept waiting around long for your awards ceremony.

What makes you unique?

We know what it takes to put on a first class event. We have extensive background working with events large and small. When we’re not timing, we’re doing the same thing your athletes are doing… racing. We treat every aspect of your race as if it were our own. We cater to your athletes, delivering fast accurate results at your race site.

Do you offer Online Registration?
We offer support with one of the industries leading online registration companies. Who offer a highly customizable registration page tailored to your event and is completely free. Contact us to get your online registration started.
How many volunteers do I need to provide?

For the ChampionChip System, We ask that you provide two volunteers to hand out chips before the race. Additionally, we will need two volunteers to assist with chip collection at the finish line, more for larger races.

If we are implementing the Bib Tag system for your Running or Triathlon event less volunteers are needed for distribution of the timing chips as they can be added to the bib days/weeks before the event. For Triathlon, the Multisport Tag will need distributed in goodie bags. but with Both Triathlons and Running events there is no chip collection post race. 

When do you arrive on the race site?

We will arrive at your race at least 2 hours before the start. During this time we will:

Provide the numbered chips to your volunteers for distribution.

Enter race day registrants into our timing system.

Lay our timing mats at the finish line at other timing points as applicable.

Set up the finishing line area. This includes a chute so that spectators do not impede the finish of your athletes, a finish line clock, inflatable arch finish line, and more!

Test our timing equipment to ensure it is all working by the start of your race.

I'm organizing a first-time event. How am I going to be able to afford chip timing?

The good news is that you can afford to furnish your event with chip timing. We know that chip timing will give your race a professional feel and keep racers coming back for years to come. We can help make your first-time event to be a success.

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